Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Messages from Women that You’re Not Interested In

Believe it or not, some really attractive women will pretend to be ugly women just to see how you will respond to them. This is probably the main reason why you should always reply back to messages from women, even if you have no intention of actually hooking up with them. Often times, beautiful women will find photos of unattractive women online. They will also take unflattering photos of themselves to add to their profiles. These are the photos that they will use for their photo gallery. When these women message you, they are aware that you will go to their profile and look at their pictures. Most of them will expect you to ignore their messages because their photos won’t be attractive. When you do end up ignoring them, they rule you out of their list of potential men to hook up with. Sometimes Hot Women Pretend to Be Ugly Women “You never know, the girl who messages you may look like this” When an unattractive woman messages you, you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, simply answer any questions that they might ask you. Do not allow the conversation to focus on sex, or lie about wanting to meet up with her. Be polite and reply to her messages. Make…

Why You Should Visit Hookup Sites Even If You Don’t Post There

What’s the point of visiting a hookup site if you’re not going to use it to hookup? Generally, you don’t go places just to watch except for sporting events, right? Well, a hookup site is basically a sport. You can watch what people are doing, get “professional” tips and tricks from successful hookup artists and take what you learn and apply it to your own game of catching women. Here’s what you can take away from a hookup site without even writing your own sex ad. Proof That Women Want Sex “What do you think, only you got the wild fantasies?” When you’re in the middle of a dry spell it can really feel like the female libido is a myth. Women don’t want sex, they just pretend that they do in order to get attention from men. There’s nothing that will shake these bitter ideas from your head like going on a hookup site. Yes, a lot of these women are picky and demanding but it’s still clear what they want: a good roll in the hay. These women want sex and they’re not afraid to show it. They’re bold, in your face, and they don’t just post ads. A lot of these women will publically reply to ads…

Why Nice Guys Finish First

Everyone says that nice guys finish last because they get walked on or they don’t take the opportunities to get at the women that they want. That’s just bull that lame guys use to make excuses for themselves. When you’re trying to hook up with a beautiful woman, whether it’s online or in person, don’t blame being nice. In fact, there are many reasons why nice guys actually finish first, and we don’t mean sexually. Practice these tips if you want to be the nice guy that actually gets what he wants at the end of the night. It’s a Change of Pace Women are already conditioned to like bad boys thanks to the media, but that gets really old really fast. They’ve gone through the bad boys and when you step up and open the door for them it’s something that they’ll remember. The change of pace that you provide is going to be amplified because of what they’re used to. That makes you look like a gentleman, which is sexy. But beware, just because you’re opening doors and being a gentleman doesn’t mean that you should be a wimp. That’s what turns her off. Have your opinion and carry on your conversations, but then sweep her off of…

Why Business Women Make the Best Flings

“Business women are more approachable, broad-minded and neutral” Going online to find flings is a pretty common thing nowadays. It’s easy enough and there are way more women out there doing it then you would think. But even with all of these options you know that there are some that are better than others. That’s right, those classy business women are by far the best flingers that you can find. You may not think it makes sense at first, but taking into account their profession, their attitude, and their schedules will open your eyes enough to give these ladies a try. Their Profession Some women work in a world where men rule all things. The guys get the bigger offices and paychecks while they do the same amount of work. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it makes them have to work even harder just to get the same recognition. Because of that they can end up coming off as man eaters. But that’s not all that bad. Being with a business woman like this can lead to some very sexy role playing in the bedroom. Even if you aren’t into that sort of thing, she can be direct and tell you exactly what she wants or expects from…

What to Do When You FWB Wants a Relationship

“Don’t get upset! Almost every FWB couple goes through this situation” Having a friend with benefits arrangement with a beautiful woman can be pretty exciting. If you’re not interested in being in a committed relationship, but still want to be able to hangout and sleep with someone who keeps your attention, a friends with benefits type of relationship might be exactly what you need. Unfortunately, sometimes some women often forget the previous arrangement that they made with you. When this happens, they will stop wanting to be friends with benefits and will want to be in an actual committed relationship with you. If you’re open to being in a relationship, this shouldn’t be any problem for you. However, if you’re not quite ready to be tied down, there are a few things that you can do when she tells you that she wants to be in a relationship with you. Let Her Know What to Expect If you decide that you’re willing to have a relationship with your friends with benefits hookup, you should let her know in advance what she should expect. Just because you agree to a relationship with her doesn’t mean that you have to only see her exclusively. Let her know what she should expect from…

What to Do if Someone You Know Answers Your Sex Personals Ad

“Relax your mind! Don’t get shocked. Think wisely” Anyone who’s ever done anything on the Internet knows how easy it is to be anonymous. They also know that most of the time, being anonymous is a good thing, especially when you consider the fact that most online users are assholes on varying levels. One place where people tend to lean heavily on anonymity is sex personals websites. When you’re putting out ads that basically state that you’re willing to have sex with a stranger, it’s usually a good idea not to use your real name. People who respond to the ads are usually doing the same thing, but that’s not always the case. If you’ve ever put out an ad on a sex personals website looking for a hookup partner, you’ve probably had all kinds of replies from all kinds of people. But what if someone you knows responds to your ad? How do you handle that? Delete Everything If you’re on a sex personals website looking for some pretty freaky sexual shit, it’s probably a good idea to delete everything if someone you know throws you a reply. If you were smart and used a fake name, you may not have to worry too much because there’s no way…

Using Your Pup to Score with the Ladies

“Use your pup as a babe magnet” It’s an age-old joke that guys often just get dogs so that they can score with the ladies. The funny thing is that it’s totally legit, which is probably where this joke came from. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pup, then add the bonus of it being a chick magnet to the list and go for it. If you already have a dog then why aren’t you using it to pick-up on women? You don’t know how? Well, they naturally attract the opposite sex, but with a little know how you can turn your dog from a companion who adores you into the babe magnet it doesn’t know that it is. Size Matters Depending on the size of the dog, you’re going to look different. If you’ve got a little guy (or girl) then pick them up. You’ll end up looking more nurturing and vulnerable. Even though you’re going for this look, don’t treat the dog like a baby. She doesn’t want to equate you with being its dad, just seeing you with a cute little thing will make her go “aww”. On the flip side, a bigger dog will make you look tougher, manlier. But if you do go with…

Using a Sex Ad to Get over Your Ex

You know that old saying: the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. It doesn’t matter whether you dumped your girlfriend or she dumped you. Every time a relationship ends you find yourself going through a phase of loneliness or depression. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many dates you go on, it feels like you’re never going to break out of your rut and meet anyone really compatible again. This can be a pretty hard feeling to shake when all is said and done. When you’re struggling, the Internet is here to help. All you have to do is find a personals site and you can post your own advertisement. Before you know it, sadness over your break up will be a thing of the past. Here’s how a sex ad will make you happy again. Post an Honest Ad “It is foolish to think that you are better off alone, go online and find someone new” First of all, you’re probably feeling like you’ll never meet someone good again. If it didn’t work out with her, it’s never going to work out with anyone and you’re going to be alone forever. That’s a bit of a harsh way to feel…

Upping Your Bad Boy Appeal

Bad boys have been around since men have been men. The appeal is that they don’t follow the rules of society and are all unique. But this isn’t just something that you try to do, you have to be born into it. Luckily there are ways that you can up your bad boy appeal without having to fully commit. Ladies love the bad boys in life, but still want a guy who can take care of them (in the sack or in the long run). You can be the best of both worlds by following a few simple rules. Give Very Few Cares “Don’t give a damn about the world” The idea of not giving a fuck is what being a bad boy is based on, but if you’re going to be the best of both then you just have to give very few of them. Don’t care too much about what you wear or what other people think of how you look, but do give some thought as to what she thinks. You don’t want to ask her for fashion advice or anything, but if she mentions that your stained shirts are kind of gross then stop wearing them. She’ll definitely notice and love that you listened. This leads…

Two Lies that Will Get You Laid On Sex Personals

“Feel free to lie so that you can fulfill your desires” Pretending to be a virgin is one of the most surefire ways to getting laid while using online sex dating sites. Many men tend to think that bragging about how good you are in bed will be what draws a women to your profile. To be honest, this only works for very few men. When you want to get laid quickly without having to deal with a lot of back and forth, letting women believe that you are a virgin sis the best way to go. The best part of it is that it will barely take you any effort to do, and there is almost no way for her to prove that you aren’t telling the truth. Pretend to Be an Unlucky Virgin In order to make this lie work, you need to start out by explaining on your profile that you are a virgin (even if you aren’t). Mention how you want to lose your virginity, but how you are shy and don’t know how to go about doing it, or who you should do it with. You should also mention in your profile all the things that you are interested in and are willing to do.…


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