Changing Your Hair to Stand Out from the Crowd

“A sexy haircut: Expresses it all”

Most guys think that they have to make some sort of radical change if they want to stand out to women. A whole new wardrobe, a fancy car, or a house that would knock her panties off. But the truth is you don’t have to do nearly as much. There’s something that you can do right now that will get her attention and you don’t even have to put in much effort. That’s right, change your hair. The proteins growing out of the top of your head don’t mean to much to us guys, and most women don’t notice when it’s regularly shaped. Somehow, though, as soon as you style it or cut it women do a double take. It’s by far the easiest way to attract the ladies.

Getting It Cut

“A good haircut brings confidence”

Normally you go to a barber or some hairdresser lady and tell them that you want man-shaped hair. This is normal. Barbers get it, hairdressers don’t always. Instead of giving them such vague directions, tell them you want hair like a certain celebrity. Your barber might give you shit, so go to the ladies instead. After all, they’re the ones you want to attract. If you don’t have a famous man crush to base your head off of, ask to look at some magazines or a portfolio of men’s haircuts. They won’t mind you being picky. After she cuts it and you think it looks good enough ask her for guidance on how to style it. She’ll most likely try to sell you a product; take it. Even if it’s more money than you think hair goop is worth, you’ll look better than guessing your way through the styling aisle at your local store. Then she’ll give you a quick walkthrough and you’re good to go.

Styling It Yourself

You’ll never be able to make it look as good as your hairdresser did…at first. You’ll probably put too much wax in it or think that gel builds nicely on top of itself. When you’re styling it yourself remember what she said and err on the side of caution. Product can be built up when it’s used in small amounts. But if you go slopping it in you’ll just end up with too much and have to wash it all out. If you think that no one will notice the oil slick that is your hair once too much product is in it then you’re wrong. So start over if it gets to that point. Honestly you can always look up instructions but it’s not rocket science. When you’re getting ready in the morning give yourself some extra time and just mess around with your hair. Rub the gel, wax, mousse, or whatever it is into your palms and then use your fingertips to push it around in your hair until you like it. Any style is better than no style at all, so the ladies will appreciate the effort on your part. If it’s a true disaster every time just go back to the hairdresser and ask for help.


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