Dealing with Hookups and Premature Finishing

“Try to keep it under control – no matter what”

Premature ejaculation is just as fun as it sounds. The clinical terms add up to mean that you get off way too early while your partner is left wanting more. Not only do you feel like crap for not making her cum, you get a reputation that matches your feels. You don’t mean to do it, but women can be cruel when sharing details with their friends. This can make it a nightmare when you’re trying to hook up with someone. If you’re in a small town then you have to worry about them knowing, but even if they don’t you have to worry about finishing too soon. It’s a huge build up that, more often than not, just makes guys who suffer from this not want to even try. However, you can still hookup with women while working on your early shooting. There may not be immediate cures, but you can totally manage this.

Breathe, Man

“Control your breathing or else you won’t be able to hold it”

When you get excited and really into the sex your breathing is going to start to get fast and shallow. That’s one of the signs that you’re getting ready to pop. For most guys this isn’t an issue because they don’t cum right when it happens. But for those who finish too fast….you’ve got to slow down. Breathe in and out in controlled breathes if you can. When she’s going down on you it will be a lot easier, but even in the middle of sex focus on your breathing it will help.

Practice Makes Perfect

So you won’t be knee deep in a hookup for this one, but practicing controlling your orgasms at home will be a huge help. When you’ve got some time on your hands, start jerking off and every time that you feel like you’re getting close, stop. Hands off the wheel, do not pass go, nothing. It’s going to feel terrible at first because you want to finish, but you’ll find that you’ll eventually be able to hold out longer and longer. This is going to help you wait it out with women. You can even do this during sex, if you’re willing to go down on her or finger her while you’re getting back to a calm level. In the event that she comments on you suddenly stopping simply tell her that you want her to feel good. It’s true, but it also helps you focus on your own issue. Sex is awesome, of course you’d want to delay it ending. But keep in mind that if you do this too often for the same hookup she may get slightly irritated.


You should be using condoms anyway, since you don’t want to catch anything or make babies. There are condoms out there that have a numbing ingredient in them for guys who have trouble lasting. Make sure she doesn’t go down on you, lest she taste it on the base of your dick and suddenly feel like she’s at the dentist. Otherwise she won’t even know that you’re numbing yourself up for the long haul.


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