Finding Your Ex in Sex Personals: Should You Go For It?

“What the hell? She created another account on this site”

Anyone who’s spent any time looking through a sex personals website is probably aware that most people use fake names and identities. This is mainly because there’s no telling just who is answering the ads-one of the responders could be some kind of violent psycho. Because it’s so hard to tell who people really are, it’s not unheard of that people actually stumble across ads belonging to people they know in real life. In some instances, people have actually responded to ads made by their exes. When this happens, there are two courses of action that can be taken: 1) you move on and try to forget all about it or 2) you decide to act on it. Which you decide depends on a bunch of things and it’s important to go over those before you make a choice.

Evaluate Your History

So you responded to an ad only to discover that it belonged to your ex. What you’re faced with now is a dilemma. Do you pursue a hookup anyways or move onto someone else? A huge deciding factor here is going to be the history you shared with your ex. Was your relationship for the most part a good one? Or was it basically a train wreck right from the start? Did you part ways amicably or was it pretty much a disaster when you split up? And what about the sex? Was it amazing or just so-so? If your relationship and the way it ended was actually not that bad and your sex life was pretty stellar, you might consider getting back together with her just this once. On the other hand if everything about your relationship with her was awful, it’s probably a good idea to just keep looking for another woman who’s willing to hook up.

Examine the Ad

“Should I go for it?”

Before you make any kind of decision, you need to take a closer look at her personals ad to see what exactly she wants. If it’s just “W4M” (woman for man), it’s pretty obvious what she’s looking for. What you need to be wary of are other acronyms that are common to sex personals websites. W4W, for example, means she’s a woman seeking a woman. PNP (party n’ play) means she’s looking to get high before having sex. W4MM means she’d like to have a threesome with one vagina and two dicks. After you’ve examined her ad again to see what she’s into, you can decide whether you’re still interested or if she’s into some shit that’s way too freaky for you.

Test the Waters

Obviously you’re not going to be able to hook up with her if she’s not interested. You can pretend to be someone else while messaging her or emailing her, but once you get her on the phone or on a video call she’s going to figure out real fast just who you are. It’s best to be up front about your identity when responding to the ad. She’ll either give you a definitive yes or no answer about whether she wants to hook up with you. And if her answer is no, all you need to do is move on to some other W4M ads.


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