Hooking Up Using a Persona

“You can protect your identity by remaining anonymous”

Anyone who’s ever done anything on the Internet knows that sometimes it’s best to remain anonymous. Given how many jerks and psychos are out there, protecting your real idea is a great precaution to take. This can also apply when you’re checking out sex personals online. Do you need to share your real identity with the strange woman you’re planning on meeting up with just so you can get laid? There’s no law saying you have to. In fact, it would probably be safer in the long run if you didn’t. So now that that’s decided, you need to go about figuring just how you’re going to run with this persona idea.

Use a Persona from the Start

If you’re going to be using a fake identity going into a hookup situation, you need to start using it from the start. If you listed your name as David on a sex personals website but insisted she start calling you Adam after you’ve been talking for a while, it’s going to look really suspicious. So to avoid any complications like that, you need to sign up on the website using an identity that you’ve made up. Start by creating an email address that can’t be linked back to who you really are and make sure the name you link to it is believable-as funny or awesome as you think it is, Biggy Dick isn’t going to fly. Once you’ve created the fake email and the fake name associated with it, you’re ready to go.

Be Careful About Sharing

As part of the progression from reading sex ads to hooking up with a woman you met that way, you’ll be sharing some information about yourself. If you’re not careful, the information you give away can reveal that you’re doing this under a persona. Unless you’ve suddenly decided that you want this to be a serious relationship instead of a no-strings-attached roll in the hay, you’re going to want to keep on pretending that you’re the guy you said you were. For this reason it’s probably best to steer clear of amusing stories from your life because it will be easy to forget that you’re not actually supposed to be that person when you’re dealing with this woman. This is where things get tricky, because it’s going to be really tempting to share things about yourself that might actually reveal that you’re lying about your name. If you’re committed to keeping up the charade, you might consider creating background stories for yourself. Just be careful-once you start lying on this scale it’s very easy to get caught.

Be Advised

“What you think, only guys got the skills to fool the world?”

You’re not the only person concerned about their safety when it comes to all things Internet. If you’re concerned about shacking up with a strange woman, think of how scary it might be for her where you’re concerned. For that reason, it’s not unheard of for women to use a persona too. In fact, it’s pretty common. So if she seems evasive when you start asking her about her life and the things she enjoys, it’s probably because she’s trying not to give too much away which is pretty much exactly what you’ll be doing too.


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