How Much to Embellish in Your Sex Personal

Sex personals are becoming a popular way to hookup with women. They aren’t creepy anymore, actually. They’re becoming a lot like dating sites. Just like those sites that have claimed to marry millions of people, there’s always going to be some sort of embellishment to what your profile says about you. It’s basically the same, but a more interesting version of you in real life. How much you change, though, can greatly affect the hookups that you find with this little ad of yours. So how much should you puff up?

Your Job

“Make her believe of whatever you are saying”

There’s nothing wrong with making your job sound way more interesting than it is. This isn’t a site for you to find the next love of your life, you’re just trying to get laid. So if you’re a clerk at a developmental software company why not say that you’re hands on? It’s not as if you could realistically get her the next gaming system, so you’re not going to be outted if you don’t. So long as you have some sort of knowledge about what you’re saying that you do, it’s find. A dog walker can suddenly become a dog rescuer simply by telling some slightly overplayed stories about the dog that he walks. It’s cake, really, and she won’t care tomorrow morning if you really saved all of those dogs or not.

Your Education

Again, talk that crap up. Sure, you can try and say you went to Harvard or some big league school like that, but be prepared to know the ins and outs of it. Far too often she’ll know someone who went there, which wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but now she’ll know details about the place. You could have been in a different year, but the layout, ceremonies, and campus would not have changed that much. Instead you can pick another school that has a good reputation, but not one that’s too good. That way you look smart and can cover up any lies.

Your Travels

“No need to embellish too much on travelling: Could be risky”

This is a little tricky. Yes, you can maybe make more of that trip to France than what actually happened, but if she’s been there too then you’re in deep. More out of the way places like Zimbabwe or Russia are practical since chances are she hasn’t been there herself. If she has, then you’re going to look like a complete idiot not knowing the language, what their public transportation is, or any of the typical tourist spots.

Your Preferences

This you can’t embellish. Some guys think that if they really over-sell what they’re looking for they’ll actually get a woman who’s just what they like. She may not have a pin-up body, but at least she’s got nice legs. The truth of the matter is that when you embellish what you’re looking for so you can be guaranteed to get the next step down (which is what you want) you’re going to scare off women. It doesn’t work for you or for her.


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