Making Your Place Hookup Friendly

So you’ve got a date with a woman who pretty much only wants you for your dick. It can’t any better, right? For the most part, that’s absolutely the case. However, there’s something you need to consider, especially if she’s agreed to come over to your place. Does your place have a hookup friendly atmosphere? You want her in the mood to sexually maul you when she walks in the door. If she’s feeling any other way, disaster might be looming on the horizon. So before you let her walk through your door, make damn sure your place isn’t sending the wrong kind of message.

Clean It

Men who live alone are typically slobs of varying degrees. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have some things lying around that could very easily be put away. So unless you’ve got OCD concerns when it comes to housekeeping, you’re going to have to do some cleaning before you use your place as a destination for all things sexual. This means dishes, laundry, carpets, floors, bathroom-the works. You don’t want her to walk in your door and instantly thing “Ew!”, do you? Of course you don’t. So, for the good of your penis, you need to devote some time to getting things cleaned up.

Mature Things

“Now that’s what you call a gentlemen’s house”

It’s tempting, if you live alone, to let your immaturity shine through in your surroundings. Maybe you have every video game console known to man. Maybe you still have your childhood Transformer collection. Maybe you’re the proud owner of all the incarnations of Dragon Ball Z. Whatever the case, you’re going to need to make an effort to make yourself look more mature. You don’t need to permanently get rid of this stuff-after all, this isn’t a long-term relationship. It’s just a temporary sexual arrangement. So hide your video games, your immature posters, your pictures of scantily clad women, and your wrestling memorabilia. Try to make yourself appear like a responsible, mature adult because it’s more conducive to you getting laid than the way it was before.

Sex Nest

“This kind of ambience will surely turn her on”

You might think that your room will work just fine as a sex nest and you might be right. But if your room is actually kind of a dingy place with no real personality, it can actually kill the mood. You want her to walk into your room and be able to picture herself naked between your sheets. To that end, it might be time to jazz up the place a bit. Invest in some new sheets if your old ones are faded and ratty. Black sheets are sexy and a high thread count makes everything feel so much better when you’re writhing in bed. Mirrors on the roof are a risky (and sometimes creepy) move, but having a mirror on the wall isn’t. And if you position it just right, you might be able to see some truly amazing things once you’re both naked and getting your respective freaks on. To complete the atmosphere, try to tweak the lighting a little-you don’t want things to dark, but dim lighting can be really conducive to getting both you and her in the mood.


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