Rocking Hookups Even with a Small Package

“It will be enough, if you know the art of foreplay”

Women are coming to realize that it really is the motion in the ocean that makes the difference in the bedroom. While they’ll always want a dick that’s bigger because it’s supposed to feel better, they have the open-mindedness to let smaller guys have a chance. As a dude with a small package, you may have felt like you don’t have a chance hooking up with women because they’ll laugh or just say no. But truthfully you can still rock it even if you aren’t packing heat.

Go Down on Her Enthusiastically

Smaller guys complain sometimes because they’ll go down on a chick and she still won’t like it. The thing is that they aren’t being enthusiastic enough. When you go down on a woman you’ve got to act like you’re eating the juiciest fruit that you could ever want. Kiss, lick, slightly suck, and run your lips on hers. You wouldn’t suck a papaya until it falls apart, so don’t do that to her. If you really need to, practice on a cut open papaya. It will feel weird, but you’ll get the idea. Also, your lips have a lot of nerve endings in them. Going down on her should actually feel good for you, too. There’s no need to go crazy and shake your head back and forth, take your time and savor every scent and taste that you can get.

Pick Your Position

Missionary is simply not good for guys who aren’t well-endowed. Yeah, you’re at the entrance, but you’re barely rubbing near her G spot. It’s right inside, up on the side that her stomach is. Flip her on her belly for access to it, even better get into doggy-style position. These will give you an all access pass to her spot and make you feel raunchy and wild. She’ll follow suit and get into it with you. If she does happen to get on top, be her Cowgirl Sherpa. She may be tempted to bounce up and down on you but all that will happen is you’ll fall out and poke her butt on accident. This isn’t pleasant for anyone. Instead grab her hips and guide her in grinding on top of you. It will feel sexier and you’ll stay right where you want to.

Use Toys

"It is time for dildo play"

“It is time for dildo play”

Don’t be afraid to use her sex toys on her. Obviously you don’t want to have a bunch of dildos lying around. You’ll look a little gay and like you do this sort of thing often. But if you head back to her place and notice that she’s got a fake dick lying around somewhere then bust it out. She’ll be impressed that you’re selfless enough to use it on her. Plus she’ll get a totally different feel than when she uses it on herself.

There are dick extenders out there that make you feel good too. It’s not as awesome as a vagina on you, but it will pleasure her and you’ll still get to have the feeling of a warm hand job.


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