Sex Personals Ads: Reality Vs. Expectation

If you’ve ever spent time looking through a sex personals website, you’ve probably had a million fantasies about just how awesome it would be to hook up with a woman who’s looking for the same thing you are: casual sex with no strings attached. As with many things, unfortunately, reality and your expectations are probably going to be very different things. So if you’re looking to find a hookup through sex personals you’re probably going to have to adjust your expectations (maybe a little, maybe a lot) so that you’re not hugely disappointed.

Good Looks Aren’t a Certainty

"Don't get your hopes too high - you might get dissapointed"

“Don’t get your hopes too high – you might get dissapointed”

If you’re positive that every and any woman that responds to you on a sex personals website is going to be stunningly gorgeous, you’re going to be in for a surprise. You need to be logical here: the chances of every woman replying to your ad being sexy as a model are slim to none. In fact, some of them are probably going to be fugly. What you need to decide is where your standards are. What do you want out of this? Sex is the answer, obviously, but is it sex with a smoking hot woman only? Or are you willing to let your standards in that department slip just a little? And remember: just because she’s not magazine cover quality doesn’t mean she won’t be freaky and wild in bed.

A Good Time Isn’t Guaranteed

"This wasn't, what I expected"

“This wasn’t, what I expected”

You might wonder what could go wrong with a date that’s supposed to be sex only. The answer to that? Quite a bit. Just because she’s agreed to hook up with you doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the most amazing night of your life. In fact, depending on a lot of things, it might turn out to be one of the worst. She might be completely different from what she said she’d be. One of you might get cold feet. It might be really, really awkward. It might even be scary, depending on what her personality is like. And she might even stand you up in the end. This all isn’t to say that you should expect the worst when you agree to meet up with a stranger for sex, but it is to say that you shouldn’t be surprised if things don’t go down the way you’d wanted them to.

Your Safety Could Be an Issue

You might think that just women are in danger when meeting people on the Internet, but that’s not the case. Ladies can be just as freaky as guys, which means that when you agree to meet up with a woman who’s a perfect stranger you’re putting yourself at risk. Does this mean your soon-to-be sex partner is an axe murderer? No, but it does mean that there’s a chance she’s going to be something less than ideal. You need to make sure that you take all the right precautions before you head out to get laid. Always let a friend (or better yet, two or three), know about what you’re doing. Also tell them to check in with you at a certain time-if you don’t check in like you should, they know something’s wrong.


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