The Benefits of Hooking Up with a Shy Woman

Going online to create a sex ad for yourself might feel like a weird idea. You’re making this ad that says you’re willing to hookup, but you’ve still got to consider what you want your partner to be. There are plenty of guys who would gladly go for a hot woman who knows exactly what she wants, but they’re missing out on an untapped resource. Shy women go online for sex ads because they’re too quiet in real life to get the hookups going. That doesn’t mean that they want sex any less than the next chick. By hooking up with a shy woman you’re going to get way more than you bargained for.

Why You Want Them

“She knows more moves than you”

You may be wondering why the hell we would ever tell you to pass over the freaks and go for someone a little more subdued. The thing is, you’re not passing over the freaks. The women who keep all of their nasty desires inside of them are way more out there than the ones who flaunt it. That hot little bookworm probably has a tattoo in a naughty place that she wants to show you. The teacher you think is so sweet wants to whoop you with her ruler. There’s no end to the fantasies that these women harbor. Take a leap of faith and pick your shy chick, because you will not regret it.

Aside from the sexy role playing options that exist out there, the shy girls are often the ones who present themselves nicely, too. So you won’t have to worry about getting stared at when your date arrives in six inch heels and a skirt that doubles as underwear. No one will mistake your reserved date for a prostitute, which makes meeting up way easier and less sketchy.

How to Handle Them

Even though you’re going to be with a pretty mild mannered woman, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules you’ve got to follow. Because this chick is so freaky in the sack, you’ve got to never comment on it except immediately after. You can tell her how hot she was or whatever, but referencing it again will make her feel self-conscious. You may end up getting a woman who isn’t even all that weird in bed, but the fact that she liked her toes sucked on can still embarrass her a little. Play the safe side and just don’t mention it.

“It is better to tell what you feel about her, else things will get complicated”

These types of women may be more apt to try and start something up with you after the casual sex. Sure, some just want to get it on, but the quiet, lonely types can also get pretty high off of not being lonely anymore. If you do choose to keep seeing her, then be extremely clear that you have absolutely no romantic intention. You’ve got to say it often, or she’ll think that you’re just saying that because that’s what guys do. It’s best to keep things short and sweet either way you decide to go.


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