The Most Commonly Lied About Things in Sex Personals

Just like pretty much anything else on the Internet, sex personals tend to be full of a lot of crap that’s either made up or isn’t true. This means that if you’re looking for a potential hookup partner online, you need to proceed with caution. The last thing you need is to get involved with a drug addict, transvestite, or prostitute. Some things are okay to lie about because it won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Where other things are concerned, however, the lies can be significant and can even in some cases turn out to be dangerous. Before you go looking to find the hottest one night stand you can through online ads, you need to be aware of the most commonly lied about things in sex personals.


“Women always lie about their age”

The chances of you finding a woman through sex personals that hasn’t actually lied about her age are slim to none. There’s no accountability in this department-you can’t force her to show you her driver’s license in order to see how old she actually is. And unless the difference between her real age and the one she’s lying about is substantial, is it really going to matter? You’re not shacking up with her because you want a long-term relationship. You’re getting together with her because you’re horny, she’s horny, and the two of you together can take care of that problem. You probably won’t even be able to tell if she’s lying unless she’s listed her age as 22 and she looks about 50. So don’t sweat the age issue-unless she looks like someone’s grandmother, is it really going to matter?


“It is not necessary that she will be as sexy and slim as Mila Kunis”

This is another commonly lied about subject in the realm of sex personals and it’s not just women that are the culprit. Men frequently lie about how they look and even more frequently exaggerate the sizes of their dicks. This kind of lie might matter more to you, particularly if you’re picky about looks when it comes to the women you sleep with. When it comes to sex ads, women tend to withhold their pics until the men send theirs first, which means you’re not going to know what she looks like until she sees you first. Instead of automatically assuming that every woman signed up on a sex personals site has got to be smoking hot, you might want to adjust your expectations a bit. The chances of every woman who messages you being drop dead sexy is remote, to say the least. You should also learn to be familiar with certain kinds of sex personals terminology. “HWP” means “height/weight proportionate,” which is another way of saying that while they’re not fat, they’re not built either.


Women MIGHT think they only want to start hooking up, but their ad might say otherwise. Unless you’re looking for a sexual relationship that eventually has emotions included in it, you want to look for an ad that has “NSA” in it. This stands for “no strings attached,” which is pretty much the most perfect arrangement ever. Always be wary of ads that don’t have that in them because chances are that the women behind those ads are actually interested in finding a man they can go long-term with.


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