Using Your Pup to Score with the Ladies

“Use your pup as a babe magnet”

It’s an age-old joke that guys often just get dogs so that they can score with the ladies. The funny thing is that it’s totally legit, which is probably where this joke came from. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pup, then add the bonus of it being a chick magnet to the list and go for it. If you already have a dog then why aren’t you using it to pick-up on women? You don’t know how? Well, they naturally attract the opposite sex, but with a little know how you can turn your dog from a companion who adores you into the babe magnet it doesn’t know that it is.

Size Matters

"Big dogs will make you look tough"

“Big dogs will make you look tough”

Depending on the size of the dog, you’re going to look different. If you’ve got a little guy (or girl) then pick them up. You’ll end up looking more nurturing and vulnerable. Even though you’re going for this look, don’t treat the dog like a baby. She doesn’t want to equate you with being its dad, just seeing you with a cute little thing will make her go “aww”. On the flip side, a bigger dog will make you look tougher, manlier. But if you do go with this route then always make sure that you’ve got a well behaved pup. The same is true for small breeds, but the big dogs get a bad rep for being ill-behaved. Show off their obedience by having them sit and follow your commands casually in public. She’ll still love the dog and think that you’re a sexy manly-man to boot.

To Dress or Not to Dress

Never put clothes on your dog. It doesn’t make you look caring, it doesn’t make you look rich, it just looks stupid. Unless you have a hairless animal, avoid all clothing. Even if you do have a hairless dog, you shouldn’t be living somewhere where the weather is that extreme so clothing shouldn’t be necessary. Ever. Ever. Do you get it yet?

Talk It Up

Dogs are obviously a great topic of conversation. She approaches, asks what your dog’s name is, pets are given, and this is your time to shine. Have a story about your dog. It could be how you became his owner, a quirky habit she has, maybe how friendly they are in general, or whatever. Just have it ready so that you can capitalize on this moment. This is when your dog becomes your wingman. After you’ve gotten her attention with the pup, ask if she has any animals of her own. If she does, you can always offer up your name and a puppy play date and if she doesn’t say that she can tag along with you and yours. The best way to do this without being creepy is to give her your number. That way the ball is in your court and she doesn’t have to feel any pressure to say yes or no on the spot. But you’re also being pretty obvious with your advances. A win-win.


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