Why Nice Guys Finish First

Everyone says that nice guys finish last because they get walked on or they don’t take the opportunities to get at the women that they want. That’s just bull that lame guys use to make excuses for themselves. When you’re trying to hook up with a beautiful woman, whether it’s online or in person, don’t blame being nice. In fact, there are many reasons why nice guys actually finish first, and we don’t mean sexually. Practice these tips if you want to be the nice guy that actually gets what he wants at the end of the night.

It’s a Change of Pace

Women are already conditioned to like bad boys thanks to the media, but that gets really old really fast. They’ve gone through the bad boys and when you step up and open the door for them it’s something that they’ll remember. The change of pace that you provide is going to be amplified because of what they’re used to. That makes you look like a gentleman, which is sexy. But beware, just because you’re opening doors and being a gentleman doesn’t mean that you should be a wimp. That’s what turns her off. Have your opinion and carry on your conversations, but then sweep her off of her feet after the differences are set aside.

They Have Expectations

“Be a gentleman in bed and satisfy her first”

Gentleman do have a reputation for opening doors and giving her their jackets, but there’s a secret dirty side to women that they don’t want us guys to know. They think that gentlemen are stallions in the bedroom who will put the lady’s needs first. While this is probably a little exaggerated, it should be based on truth. When you hook up with a woman, treat her right. Go down on her, tell her that you’re going to take her and then crawl on top. They love crap like this because it makes them feel like they’re in a harlequin romance novel. By being assertive but taking care of her needs you’re giving guys like you a good rep and proving that you don’t need to be a bad boy to have an amazing time in bed.

You’ll Be Arm Candy

“You’ll be a hot commodity, if you succeed to please her in bed”

She’s going to tell all of her friends about you, in and out of the bedroom. By being the perfect balance between a man who wants to sex her the right way and a gentleman with a respectful opinion (basically the man version of “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets”) you’re going to make her friends want you. They may never tell her that, they may never even admit it to themselves, but you’re going to become a hot commodity. The woman that you’re banging is going to absolutely love that. She gets to show you off to her girlfriends and they’ll all exchange knowing looks of jealousy and approval. It’s a weird place to be, but you’re going to be on all of their minds because of it. Enjoy the attention and keep up the work.


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