Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Messages from Women that You’re Not Interested In

Believe it or not, some really attractive women will pretend to be ugly women just to see how you will respond to them. This is probably the main reason why you should always reply back to messages from women, even if you have no intention of actually hooking up with them. Often times, beautiful women will find photos of unattractive women online. They will also take unflattering photos of themselves to add to their profiles. These are the photos that they will use for their photo gallery. When these women message you, they are aware that you will go to their profile and look at their pictures. Most of them will expect you to ignore their messages because their photos won’t be attractive. When you do end up ignoring them, they rule you out of their list of potential men to hook up with.

Sometimes Hot Women Pretend to Be Ugly Women

“You never know, the girl who messages you may look like this”

When an unattractive woman messages you, you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, simply answer any questions that they might ask you. Do not allow the conversation to focus on sex, or lie about wanting to meet up with her. Be polite and reply to her messages. Make it seem like you would be willing to give her a chance, even if you know that is not something that you will actually do. Once the two of you have talked for enough time, ask her to take a selfie and to send it to you. You can also suggest that the two of you use something like video chat or snapchat. This way you can see exactly what she looks like, and you will find out if she really looks as unattractive as she may you and other men believe.

Angry Women Can Be Spiteful and Will Retaliate

Another reason why you should always reply back to messages, even if the woman is ugly is because some of these women can be childish, petty, and ridiculously spiteful. If an unattractive woman messages you, and you don’t message her back, she may go out of her way to punish you for not responding to her. Some of the things that these type of women will do is mention your profile on various sites on the Internet. If she has a large social media following, she could post your photos up for people to see. Before you know it, your photos and profile could end up going viral. Remember, no one actually knows who is on the other side of that computer monitor.

“Replying her would be the better option”

Sometimes it just seems easier to ignore messages from women that you aren’t interested in. It can be awkward turning a woman down, and you may not want to hurt her feelings. You may also feel annoyed for being bothered, especially when you’ve mentioned on your profile that you aren’t interested in certain types of women. Even if you are replying with something as simple as, “You seem like a nice person, but sorry I’m not interested,” you should definitely reply back to her message. You never what she will do, or who you will miss out on if you don’t.


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