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The half-naked women front and center on the site's main page spells its doom. No real women want to join a site that doesn't bother to cater to them.

Sites like honestly just make us roll our eyes. There’s nothing about this site that’s ever going to end up helping you get an amazing hookup.

There’s no women here.

The moment that a site just ends up trying to get men to join is the moment that it falters. This site immediately has a scantily clad woman on the front page, and that’s the end.

sex personals SCAM alert image

With a site like this, you just have to sigh long and hard and wonder why anyone would ever bother. It’s not a good site, and it’s not something that’s going to ever work.

We really can’t understand why sex personals sites don’t understand this. It’s not rocket science–just create a more intimate atmosphere for ladies to enjoy, and go with it.

The Numbers Failed

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our MySexHookups review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 125 chat messages to ladies online.

This wasn’t good.

From those 125 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 8 responses total. This was just pathetically bad, and it really did prove exactly how awful the site was.

MySexHookups overlay screen

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From those 8 responses, obviously not a single woman wanted to actually meet up with us and give us what we wanted. This whole site just really missed the mark for us.

We were really frustrated with how this site turned out. It’s just a really awful site, and there’s no way in hell that’s changing until they actually start catering to the ladies.

Some Awful Features Here

There’s a lot to really nitpick about this site, and none of it is good at the end of the day. We were very disappointed from the first moment that we signed up to this site.

It just doesn’t work.

Here’s the thing–there’s no part of the MySexHookups personals that actually caters to the ladies. It’s clearly just trying to get younger, horny dudes to sign up for the site.

That’s not going to work for anyone, especially us. There’s no way to really, effectively meet women on this site, and that’s very obvious to everyone that’s involved.

We were very annoyed by this, and there’s definitely no reason why we’d ever want to come back. It’s just a pointless endeavor because there aren’t any women to date.

Pathetic News

Spanking can be a ton of fun, so read up:

These are things that only happen in porn:

Missionary sex can be awesome, too: Misses the Mark For a Personals Site Every Time

We were very unimpressed by the site, and that just continued as time went on. This isn’t a good site at all, and there’s no reason to bother with it.

It sucked.

This whole site is honestly just empty and void of all real women. This is really clear just from the front page, which has nothing but scantily clad ladies on the layout.

That’s not something that’s ever going to end up being very effective for a hookup site. If you want women to join, you have to make them want to join up in general.

Skip this site, and move onto something that’s much better. That’s the way to go, and you’ve got to keep that in mind whenever you’re looking for more ladies to meet.

You deserve much better.

Our number one site, for example, It really does deliver when it comes to a good time, and it’s up to you to see that for yourself whenever you try it.

Check it out, and you’ll definitely be able to have a ton of fun. We’re sure of that without a doubt, because our results have proven that it really does work for you and everyone.

We keep coming back for a reason. Try it out, and you’ll be able to see exactly that. Our results don’t lie, and that’s why we just keep on coming back to it. It really works.

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15 Responses to “ Review: A Sad Online Personals Venture”

  1. Pure Wombat is a fucking lie. It doesn’t get you laid at all. Hell, you’re more likely to get laid if you go out to the bar and find someone there, because you’re going to spend a ton of money on here and you won’t get shit for it. You’d just be wasting all your time, and I don’t want that for you guys.

  2. I’d love to live in a world where this site didn’t suck, but sadly that must be in an entirely different dimension because this site is the worst one I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. If you want to stick around here, then it’s your loss because this site is going down the toilet if you ask me.

  3. Cute Dusty Filly

    I feel like I could have really liked this site if I had gotten used to it, but I really don?t have the time to stick around and force the site to work. I’d rather not bore you with the details, but the site does take a long time to figure out, and I don’t want to deal with it.

  4. I’m not sure about this site, I’m really not. I feel like it might actually be a good site if I give it the time to BE a good site, but I’m not sure if I want to spend all the money and time I have waiting for it. What do you guys think? Is it worth the wait, or nah?

  5. Captain Jack Shelley

    You know, with a name like that I should have known that this was a fake site. I mean, come on now. No sites have names like that if they’re legit, that’s just how it goes. You guys should get off this site just like I’m doing, because you’ll just end up getting scammed the same way that I did.

  6. Fast Alpha Dog is one of the worst sites I’ve ever seen in my life, and to be honest I’m really unhappy that I was ever on here in the first place. I asked for my money back, but needless to say I didn’t get any of it back. I thought I woud be able to get at least that, you know?

  7. Everyone on here can just go fuck themselves. I can’t believe how poorly I was treated on here, because I felt like an idiot because of you guys. I’m so mad that you didn’t even care enough about me to take care of me, but I’m going to leave now and I won’t ever be back. Not even if you paid me.

  8. Wooden Swush

    I really did want to like this site, because there are so many sites that people end up loving, so I was hoping it’d be the same way as this one with me. I wasn’t that lucky at all, and you guys should get off this site right now before you end up getting screwed out of all your money.

  9. From what I’ve seen of this site, it’s actually kind of nice. By kind of nice, I mean it doesn’t completely screw you over when you use it, which is always a good thing. I mean, I’ve been on way too many sites where the women have scammed me out of my money, and that won’t be happening ever again.

  10. I’ve never been insulted on one of these sites, until right now. I can’t believe I paid to sit there and listen to a woman insult me for about an hour straight, but that was something that legitimately happened to me just this last weekend. What’s wrong with these people? Come on now, this is no way to behave at all.

  11. Belay Henri Coldbane

    Never go on, unless you want to be out a ton of money and all of your dignity. My friends all told me to stay away from this site, but did I listen? No. Instead, I was an idiot and thought that I could go on this site and have a fun time. That was too much to ask, I guess.

  12. In case you were wondering, this site is fake. You shouldn’t sign up, because you’re just going to end up wishing you were dead. None of the video feeds or the chat windows on this site work anyway, so you’re going to have a hell of a time actually getting a hold of any of the women on this site.

  13. Falcon Epsilon

    What’s wrong with this site? Why won’t it load? Does it just keep going down for maintenance, or what? The people who run this site won’t even answer me, and that’s really sad. If I end up not wanting to stay on this site, then I need to know right now before my free trial ends or else I’m screwed.

  14. Has anybody heard anything about this site? I feel like it might be something I would enjoy if I would just give it the chance, but I’ve definitely been burned in the past, and don’t really want to relive that. It was a bad time, I need to be more careful now so it doesn’t end up happening to me again.

  15. Kay Saotough

    Well, I can now safely say that this site is a scam, and that you shouldn’t go anywhere near it. I’m serious, you’ll end up losing a ton of money if you go on here. They love to charge your card randomly and then not tell you that it happened, isn’t that cool of them? No, it’s not cool at all.


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