Up and Out: How to Break It Off Without Being a Jerk

Sometimes, a hookup just isn’t going to end up working out. This happens on even the best, top sex personal sites out there, and that’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

It’s okay, though.

Breaking off a hookup is something that’s going to end up happening from time to time, and it’s rarely any fault of your own. It might just be something that needs to end.

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Hookups typically come with an expiration date, first and foremost. You know that going in, and so do most of the women that you’re going to end up meeting online.

With that in mind, this doesn’t need to be a difficult process, but you can still end up being a mature guy about it. She’s not going to appreciate you ever throwing a tantrum.

Knowing How to Break Off a Hookup is Important, and We’ve Got the Info. Read On to Know All About It.

There’s honestly no reason for you to ever be a jerk about breaking off a hookup. You just need to be polite and honest about it, and that’s the way that you should go.

Being someone that’s a jerk about breaking something off is never going to earn you any points with anyone. You’ve really got to understand that even just going into these things.

If you can remain a gentleman through and through, that’s going to end up making things much easier. She’ll appreciate that, and you’ll end up with a much better reputation.

Be upfront about it.

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As with many things, communication is key. This applies even to those moments where you might not want to talk to anyone, but ultimately, really need to make it happen.

This means that whenever you want to break it off with her, you’re just going to have to be honest. Tell her in person if that’s at all possible for your schedule in the future.

It’s better to just tell her immediately that you really aren’t feeling the situation that you’re in right then. It’s a clean break, and that it wasn’t something that was working.

It’s okay to break up.

Remember, hookups are just that–hookups. They typically are going to end up being one-time things, but even if you’re just friends with benefits, that doesn’t mean you have to stick around.

If it’s just not working for you, that’s okay. You can tell her that and be honest about it. Chances are, she’s probably feeling the same negative vibes in the situation that you are.

You also don’t need to feel guilty about hopping right back onto the sex personals the next day. You can still end up having a ton of fun with someone else in the future.

It’s not a permanent thing.

She knows that this isn’t a permanent thing either, and that’s something that you’ll always need to remember. If you act like a mature man about it, she won’t mind.

These women go onto these sites looking for a good time. Anything else that they get out of that is something that’s a bonus, and we’re pretty sure most of them get that.

If you do end up feeling like you’re in an uncomfortably clingy relationship, then it’s better to break that off sooner rather than later. You just don’t want to end up going there.

Be nice about it.

It’s pretty rare that you’re going to end up finding a lady that gets super weird about her hookups with you, so up until that point, you just need to be a nice guy about it.

Don’t be the douchebag barely-18-year-old that can’t even tell her upfront. Don’t send her a text. Tell her that you want to meet up in person, and just break it off cleanly.

The more mature you can be about this, the better. You’ll come out a better person for it, and be able to have much more successful hookups later. We’re sure of it.


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