Messaging Her, and Why “Tits or GTFO” Doesn’t Cut It

You might have heard a lot of things from guys that supposedly have gotten laid on these sites before, but trust us–asking her for a picture of her tits isn’t going to cut it.

You need to be more sophisticated than that.

The first thing that you’re always going to need to go by on these sites is your ability to actually attract women, and that definitely starts with writing a good message.

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While a lot of younger guys try to be total jerks on these sites and demand tit pics all the time, that’s not the way to do it. Being a sophisticated guy that obviously has had experience will win them over faster.

By doing this, you’re going to end up seeing some major success. We’ve always been able to have a great time this way, and now, we’re going to help you out as well.

The Right Message is Going to Go a Long Way, so Make Sure That You Read Our Tips Below.

You’ve really got to give these ladies something to work with. If you can’t do that, then you’re never going to end up getting her attention and making her want to chat you up.

You can end up finding this kind of information by actually reading her profile, actually. While a lot of younger men just go off of her picture, you need to be more in-depth than that.

Sure, her picture is a start, but you don’t need to go in by talking about how big her boobs are. That’s not cute, and it’s not going to give her a good impression in the slightest.

Start with a simple message.

Your first message really needs to consist of a few things, and it’s going to end up making your whole time chatting with her actually worthwhile, or just frankly not at all.

That first message needs to be only a couple of lines, and pinpoint one of her interests. Talking about that will make a huge difference in how she ends up responding to her.

Also, you should always give her a hook to respond with. Ask her how she ends up doing something, or what she likes in relation to something. That’s a good way to get on her good side.

Don’t make it too long.

Too many men on even the top sex personals sites end up writing a novel to the first ladies that they see. This isn’t going to go over well, and she’s not even going to read it.

Being concise but still friendly and confident is key. This is a great way to just end up starting a simple conversation and end up getting somewhere with a girl that you think is lovely.

You also need to stay away from talking about her body in general. If you’re going to compliment something about her looks, stick to her smile or her eyes if you must.

Don’t get down and dirty too fast.

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Many of the younger guys on these sites make the mistake of actually chatting these ladies up about sex first thing, which is ultimately one of the worst choices you can make.

Don’t be like them. Be a far more mature guy, and show some of your years of experience when it comes to talking to women. Sex talk can come later after you get to know one another.

You also need to definitely stay away from unsolicited dick pics. No woman is going to end up finding that attractive, so make sure that you realize this in the meantime.

Don’t act younger than you are.

You’re a man of experience and yet have had a lot of exciting fun in your lifetime. That doesn’t mean that you can end up just throwing away all of that for the sake of some sex.

You want to act mature and confident whenever you’re on these sites. That’s going to make her a lot more interested in you than she would be with the other idiots floating around.

The more you act like you have your ducks in a row in the messages that you send her, the better off you’ll be. Be blunt, but still nice. That’s going to get you on her good side.


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