General Sites or Specialty Sites: Which Sites Will Score You Biggest?

When you first start out comparing sex personals sites, you might find yourself scratching your head a little bit. Do you go for those kinky sites for the suppressed, or something more usual?

There are pros and cons to both.

We’re not going to lie–it honestly just depends on the quality of the site. We’ve been using all kinds of personals sites over the past few years, and we’ve figured that out.

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It’s also a matter of the guy using them. As an older male, you might find yourself gravitating towards the sites that actually cater to kinks that you’ve been holding back for years.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also nothing wrong with the general, vanilla sites that a lot of other people use, too. Whatever you choose, just know what you’re getting into.

Fortunately, We Know All About the Sites Out There, and What You Can Get…so Read On!

There are a lot of different sex personals out there. They come in all kinds of flavors and are for all different kinds of tastes. That’s something that you’ll quickly learn to enjoy.

That being said, you need to figure out what you’re really looking for. If you just want some random, vanilla hookups, then the general sites might be a good place to start.

If you’re really into certain fetishes, though, then you might want an adventure elsewhere. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of what you’re really wanting to score for.

General sites have the population.

There’s no doubt that the general, more vanilla sites are going to have much larger populations. This means of both men and women, of course, but usually, the lady ratios are higher.

This can be both a good and a bad thing for you. Sure, you have more chances to score, but you’re also going to end up missing out on a lot of specialized kinks and fetishes.

If you’re okay with that, then there’s no reason not to start with the general sites. There might be more competition, but you can always end up weeding it down to the perfect girls.

There’s the issue of dedication, however.

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Whenever you’re using general sites, you might end up getting a lot of guys out there that are joining just because they’re bored or their friends told them it would be cool.

These are usually the college-aged guys that end up just posting a bunch of dick pics. Fortunately, we know that older, more experienced guys like us can stand out.

Because you’re just like us, you can really end up seeing for yourself that these kinds of sites can end up playing straight into your hand. You’ve just got to work at it more.

Fetish sites, however, are packed with the real deal.

If you’ve got a certain fetish, then there’s no reason not to check out a real sex personals site that’s specifically for that fetish. On these sites, they’re really serious about what they want.

These are the kinds of sites that just plain don’t mess around. If you really want some fun, then you can end up using these sites for the real deal in sexual experiences.

That being said, you’re also going to be dealing with smaller numbers. If you’re okay with a much smaller pool of people, then these might be the sites that work for you.

More options might be daunting.

If you just can’t decide on what you want but you do know that you like this ‘one particular thing’, then you really should be going for those very specific sex personals.

This is the kind of thing that can help you get what you want right off of the bat. If you think that’s something that sounds much better than hemming and hawing, you’re right!

It all comes down to what you really want. Think about what you’re dying to experience, and you’ll be able to find a good site that works for you and your needs.


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Our Top Picks for Sex Personals

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: EstablishedMen


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