Making a Graceful (and Non-Jerk) Exit After the Fact

You probably had an amazing evening with a lovely lady, but it’s time to go now. You need to know how to be a total gentleman when you do this, too, so take our advice.

We’ve been there.

The challenging part of any sex personals sites is the fact that your evening with your new hookup has to end at some point. That’s why you need to know how to exit.

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Ultimately, it’s all in how you really make it happen. These ladies are going to be a lot more appreciative of a man that can gracefully exit rather than some rude jerk.

You don’t want to be like the younger guys that show up and just take what they want and leave. You need to be way more gracious than that, and we know how that can happen.

Take Our Advice–We Know How to Make an Exit. Here’s How, so Keep on Reading.

You and your date both know that you’re leaving afterwards, but there’s just no reason for you to be a total jerk about it. You’re an older man with class, so make sure you show it.

Maybe she’s in a hurry, too, and that’s why you need to both be careful of how you end up phrasing what you say when you want to exit. Even if you’re rush, you can still be nice.

There’s definitely a way to do it without hurting any feelings and leaving her happy afterwards. It’s a lot easier than you’d think, but you need to start with the basics.

Don’t stay too long.

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The maximum that you should really end up staying for most encounters is about fifteen or twenty minutes, unless the two of you have already discussed other arrangements.

This is the kind of thing that you just need to always remember. No offense, but she’s probably going to end up wanting you out of her place sooner rather than later.

If you have a hotel together, call the cab about ten minutes after you’ve showered and cleaned up. This will be good form to make sure that you’re out of there without lingering.

Offer to walk her out.

If she’s the one that’s leaving, then you need to offer to walk her out. Don’t force the issue, but make sure that the option is there so that she can take you up on it.

This is something that a lot of guys that use sex personals seem to forget about. Just because you’re hooking up for a one time affair doesn’t mean you can’t be a gentleman.

This is also one of those things that can make you stand out in a sea of inexperienced idiots. You don’t want to be like the younger guys that just pass out afterwards.

If you’re drunk, be careful.

If you’re drunk, then obviously you don’t need to be driving anywhere. A cab is definitely the best option, so make sure that you’re prepared with cab fare overall.

The same goes for her, of course. If she’s kind of out of it and inebriated, then you need to make sure that she’s safely in a cab before you end up tackling your end of things.

The more that you try to take care of her in this scenario, the more likely she might want to hookup with you again. It’s something that can really end up being a ton of fun.

Just relax.

If you aren’t in a hurry, then there’s no reason for you to be a jerk about leaving at any given point. Chances are, she might want you to stay and chat with her for a little bit.

Whatever you do, just try to be conscious of her needs and be polite. Let her recover. If she wants to smoke a cigarette with you, then go for it. This is all pretty standard.

Having fun is something that needs to come first and foremost in these kinds of scenarios, and if it feels natural, then there’s no reason not to just go for it. Don’t forget this!


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