A Different You, or, Why an Online Persona Can Boost Your Chances

We understand that not every guy out there is one hell of a smooth operator. We might be older with a ton of experience, but we’ve really had to work at the right persona.

Fake it until you make it, basically.

Your online persona can really end up saving you a lot of trouble when it comes to getting laid. You might just want casual hookups, but how good is your smooth talking?

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If the answer is ‘not so great’, then it’s time to invent someone that can actually get the job done. It’s time to pretend that you’re an actor again, just like you did for your extra classes in high school.

If you aren’t used to that kind of acting gig, then it’s time to learn. This is the absolute best way to get what you want out of these kinds of sites, so make sure to take heed of our advice.

It’s Easier Than You’d Think to Invent a New Persona–and We Know the Best Ways to Do It, so Keep Reading.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able craft an online persona that does a much better job of getting these ladies to pay attention to you and meet up with you.

It’s all about boosting that confidence level. Maybe you’re pretty used to being a confident guy in the real life dating scene, but you’ve got to admit, it’s definitely different online.

This can definitely be the case if you just aren’t used to using online dating sites. It can end up being pretty tough if you don’t know what exactly you’re getting into at first.

This is why your online persona is going to really be able to help you. You’ll be able to relax into a role that, quite frankly, isn’t going to take it as personally if you mess up.

A little lie or two is okay.

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First of all, you need to understand that a few little white lies isn’t going to end up ruining anything. You just need to make sure that you don’t go too overboard with that.

These are ladies that you’re just meeting up with for a hookup and probably nothing after that. This is why you can end up saying you have a better job than you do, for example.

Just take heed–if you do end up saying way too much in order to score chicks, you’ll have to eat your own foot later if you two decide to have a much deeper relationship.

Craft your persona carefully.

You need to understand that it’s important to be calm, collected, and quietly confident. These are all the markers of an experienced gentleman, which is definitely what you are.

Even if you’ve never been any of those things in your entire life, you need to be able to fake it in order to get ahead of the younger crowds on these sites. It’s important to do so.

These ladies are going to be way more attracted to such a persona rather than the lame, boring surfer boys that are all on these sites. You don’t want to be like that.

Don’t overshoot your ability.

We’ve said that a few little white lies are okay, but you really don’t want to overestimate yourself. You don’t want to end up saying one thing and acting another way entirely.

She’s not going to be stupid. These ladies can smell a faker a million miles away, and that’s why you’ve absolutely got to be able to back up everything that comes out of your mouth.

With all of this in mind, it’s still a lot easier to craft such a persona and meet the ladies that you want successfully. You’ve just got to learn to relax into a role like that.

She’ll have more fun that way, too.

It’s not just about you being able to relax into such a role–it’s about her being able to have more fun with a guy like that. If you’re a fun, easy-going, and confident guy, she’ll want to see more of you. That’s a fact.


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