The Benefits of Hooking Up with a Shy Woman

Going online to create a sex ad for yourself might feel like a weird idea. You’re making this ad that says you’re willing to hookup, but you’ve still got to consider what you want your partner to be. There are plenty of guys who would gladly go for a hot woman who knows exactly what she wants, but they’re missing out on an untapped resource. Shy women go online for sex ads because they’re too quiet in real life to get the hookups going. That doesn’t mean that they want sex any less than the next chick. By hooking up with a shy woman you’re going to get way more than you bargained for. Why You Want Them “She knows more moves than you” You may be wondering why the hell we would ever tell you to pass over the freaks and go for someone a little more subdued. The thing is, you’re not passing over the freaks. The women who keep all of their nasty desires inside of them are way more out there than the ones who flaunt it. That hot little bookworm probably has a tattoo in a naughty place that she wants to show you. The teacher you think is so sweet wants to whoop you…

The Benefits of Hooking Up with a Foreign Woman

“It is awesome to have sex with an exotic woman” Hooking up with a nice smelling woman is awesome in general, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just wanting to be with any old trim. When you’re looking for a fling or a one night stand treat yourself to the type of woman you wouldn’t always go for. For example, you may have always stuck with your general race, or maybe only dabbled in the exotic. You’re missing out, buddy, because foreign women are where it’s at. They’re sexy in ways that are completely different than what we’re used to. When you’re online setting up your sex ad, gear it towards a fiery Latina or giggling Swede and you’ll never want to go back. The More Obvious Benefits When you are hooking up with a foreign woman the more obvious benefit that comes to mind is that, duh, she’s foreign. Foreign things appeal to us because they’re so different from our own lives. She’s going to automatically be sexier, more desirable, and seem better in bed because she’s different. That’s like a sundae with a few extra cherries on top. That’s not all, she’s probably going to have some sort of accent that will just drive you wild. The guys…

The Art of Bailing on a Woman

At some point in their lives, mostly every guy is going to be in situation with a woman that calls for a hasty, sneaky exit. Whether or not they do it depends on a number of things: whether or not they have brass balls, what the woman in question is like, and whether an escape is at all possible. Sometimes guys might try it even if it’s not a good idea, which will probably lead to a massive disaster that just winds up making things even worse. If you’ve ever been in this kind of situation but weren’t sure how to make a sneaky exit, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve written up some guidelines for you to follow. Read through and you’ll be more than prepared the next time a date or a hookup goes wrong. Always Have a Plan “Tell her that you have to leave” It should go without saying, but you should always have some sort of plan in place in case the situation takes a turn for the worse. It doesn’t have to be something massively complex. In fact, in can be as simple as discreetly texting your friend a code word, which in turn will lead to your friend calling you about a…

Rocking Hookups Even with a Small Package

“It will be enough, if you know the art of foreplay” Women are coming to realize that it really is the motion in the ocean that makes the difference in the bedroom. While they’ll always want a dick that’s bigger because it’s supposed to feel better, they have the open-mindedness to let smaller guys have a chance. As a dude with a small package, you may have felt like you don’t have a chance hooking up with women because they’ll laugh or just say no. But truthfully you can still rock it even if you aren’t packing heat. Go Down on Her Enthusiastically Smaller guys complain sometimes because they’ll go down on a chick and she still won’t like it. The thing is that they aren’t being enthusiastic enough. When you go down on a woman you’ve got to act like you’re eating the juiciest fruit that you could ever want. Kiss, lick, slightly suck, and run your lips on hers. You wouldn’t suck a papaya until it falls apart, so don’t do that to her. If you really need to, practice on a cut open papaya. It will feel weird, but you’ll get the idea. Also, your lips have a lot of nerve endings in them. Going down on…

How to Write a Profile that Attracts Women

“Boast about your accomplishments to impress women” Trying to grab the attention of beautiful women on sex personals dating sites can often be pretty difficult. There are usually hundreds of men in your area all hoping for the chance to hook up with the same women that you’re interested in. If you want to be one of those men who seems to get lucky whenever he logs on, you will have to find a way to make sure that women are attracted your profile. The easiest way to do that is to remember two things to avoid when creating your dating profile. Don’t Focus On Your Flaws Focusing on your flaws while writing your dating profile is a guaranteed way to make sure that hardly any women read your dating profile. Sometimes you may not even realize that you are mentioning your flaws when you are filling out your profile. Even when you say something like, “I’m a little on the chubby side, but I’m trying to lose weight,” it still does more harm than good. When you point out something like this, you are showing potential hookups that you have some insecurities in your physical appearance. This is something that you don’t want women to think. Most women usually…


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