Why You Should Visit Hookup Sites Even If You Don’t Post There

What’s the point of visiting a hookup site if you’re not going to use it to hookup? Generally, you don’t go places just to watch except for sporting events, right? Well, a hookup site is basically a sport. You can watch what people are doing, get “professional” tips and tricks from successful hookup artists and take what you learn and apply it to your own game of catching women. Here’s what you can take away from a hookup site without even writing your own sex ad. Proof That Women Want Sex “What do you think, only you got the wild fantasies?” When you’re in the middle of a dry spell it can really feel like the female libido is a myth. Women don’t want sex, they just pretend that they do in order to get attention from men. There’s nothing that will shake these bitter ideas from your head like going on a hookup site. Yes, a lot of these women are picky and demanding but it’s still clear what they want: a good roll in the hay. These women want sex and they’re not afraid to show it. They’re bold, in your face, and they don’t just post ads. A lot of these women will publically reply to ads…

Sex Personals Ads: Reality Vs. Expectation

If you’ve ever spent time looking through a sex personals website, you’ve probably had a million fantasies about just how awesome it would be to hook up with a woman who’s looking for the same thing you are: casual sex with no strings attached. As with many things, unfortunately, reality and your expectations are probably going to be very different things. So if you’re looking to find a hookup through sex personals you’re probably going to have to adjust your expectations (maybe a little, maybe a lot) so that you’re not hugely disappointed. Good Looks Aren’t a Certainty If you’re positive that every and any woman that responds to you on a sex personals website is going to be stunningly gorgeous, you’re going to be in for a surprise. You need to be logical here: the chances of every woman replying to your ad being sexy as a model are slim to none. In fact, some of them are probably going to be fugly. What you need to decide is where your standards are. What do you want out of this? Sex is the answer, obviously, but is it sex with a smoking hot woman only? Or are you willing to let your standards in that department slip just a…

Making Your Place Hookup Friendly

So you’ve got a date with a woman who pretty much only wants you for your dick. It can’t any better, right? For the most part, that’s absolutely the case. However, there’s something you need to consider, especially if she’s agreed to come over to your place. Does your place have a hookup friendly atmosphere? You want her in the mood to sexually maul you when she walks in the door. If she’s feeling any other way, disaster might be looming on the horizon. So before you let her walk through your door, make damn sure your place isn’t sending the wrong kind of message. Clean It Men who live alone are typically slobs of varying degrees. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have some things lying around that could very easily be put away. So unless you’ve got OCD concerns when it comes to housekeeping, you’re going to have to do some cleaning before you use your place as a destination for all things sexual. This means dishes, laundry, carpets, floors, bathroom-the works. You don’t want her to walk in your door and instantly thing “Ew!”, do you? Of course you don’t. So, for the good of your penis, you need to devote some time to getting things cleaned up. Mature…


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Our Top Picks for Sex Personals

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: EstablishedMen


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